Meeting Minutes 12/7

Meeting Notes 12/7


Zoe: GMO petition, to get a ballot motion on GMOS
SRLFs will find out over winter break if they got it
Erika: coal train protest in Oregon went well, over 100 people
Sarah: check your emails! She needs to pass off tasks, add 350 to website, taking notes, how to upload them to website, speaker today at 3 in Maxey 204
Marla: new person!
Matt: ES internships with Amy Molitor
Erika/ Sierra: starting 350 and Divestment, assigning research
OELF application to go to Swathmore **: February is a reasonable goal, Zoe will send application
Explanation of Whitman’s Endowment:
pooled with other colleges
managed by fund managers
we need to define our goals now, all of economy depends on fossil fuels, we need to have our goals outlined incredibly specifically

next semester creating a press release of exactly what we’re doing, plan of action, objectives, inspirations
lunch meeting with es department or econ department
all these actions should be things we do when we get back
first sac meeting topic, must have action plan to show them could be fossil fuel divestment : email rashna zoe and Natalie
email the schools who have also started campaigns for ideas and advice!!!!


Meeting Time

CCC Meets on Fridays at noon in Reid 207! See you all there!

Meeting Notes: September 30, 2011. Noon.


Whitman College Campus Climate Challenge

Meeting Notes: September 30, 2011. Noon.


1) Introductions

Where would you like to travel?


2) News

Artic ice shrinking

Getting people engaged with the Farm Bill

Fracking in NY


3) CCC Steering Committee

a. Proposal

-Outreach + Retention Coor



            -other groups

-Media and Resources Chair

            -Website maintain

            -new platform for wiki and web


            -WW community


-Media and Resources Team


            -No voting power in committee

-Steering and Social Chari

            -meetings for committee

            -college cabin

            -facebook stage



            -people facilitator

-Campaign Liaison

            -campus, regional, national campaigns

            -facebook pg about campaigns

            -sucesses of campaign

-Orginialization director and trainer


            -work with facilitators

            -CCC wide event weekly

-Sustainabiliy Coordinator



            -Recording knowledge



            -Year long


            -rank their positions wanted

            -selection committee to decide

            -3-7 members facilitated by the sustainability coordinator

            -need CCC approval

            -re-apply still not figured out

            -know before then go to meeting then vote

            -active participation between CCC members and the CCC members in the Steering Com.

            -CCC meetings will run very similarly to the current meeting

c. Questions

            -what do regular members do? – same thing, essentially.

d. Worries

            -what will this change mean for the club? Its never been run this way.

            -missing a business manager?

            -media team subdivision?

                        -cut the team? Maybe comes from the meeting?

e. Amendment made: No Media Resources Team. Added Business Manager


4) “Gasland”


            -dirty energy/ env. Justice

            -$275 fee (will be waived if needed or reduced fee)

                        -if we pay that much, make sure people come

            -another event attached to that event possibly

            -powershift recruitment


5) Powershift Update and other group updates


-month away

            -Calling giant powershift phone bank register

                        -next Tuesday and Thursday

                        -5pm Monday 3rd


6) Dirty Energy

 Sunday October 23rd new dirty energy date


7) Greeks Going Green (Greening the Greeks)

            -GGG little more PC: who are we to come in and “green” them? They are going green.


8) Composting: Ribbon cutting ceremony

-October 29th

            -Dabbles in Bloom playing

            -Block Party!

9) Breakouts

Meeting Notes: September 23, 2011. Noon.

Whitman College Campus Climate Challenge

Meeting Notes: September 23, 2011. Noon.



What kind of material would have you’re beard made out of if you had a beard?

1) News:

Solar panels on Haitian hospitals

UN secretary trying to get countries to sign nuclear weapons test ban 

Guest: Lauren Isener

Powershift coordinator

            -help and resources for projects


2) Update on bike share

            -additional support needed but breakout group canceled


3) Dirty Energy Campaign- Oct 27th

-Parents Power Past Coal

-Sierra Club Giant Inflatable Inhaler

-Booths for each CCC campaign

-Individuals representing states

            -Play cross the line with states, each question about dirty coal

-Hoping for 500 people at the event


-Sierra Club Representative talk

            -formal educational lecture

            -coal exports in Washington and Keystone Pipeline

-Letter writing workshop

            -Head of dept of energy in Washington

-People needed

            -Media coordinator

            -Speaker coordinator

            -Material coordinator



            -Recruitment and Advertisement coordinator

            -Art coordinator


4) Steering Committee Proposal

            -Structure of CCC

            -More effective club and more outward

            -More guidance to CCC

            -Steering Committee

                        -Sustainability Coordinator and 5 People

                                    -Application process

                                    -Ex. Person- Group Cohesion


5) Breakouts

            -Greening the Greeks

            -Dirty Energy


            -Industrial Compost



6) Report backs (Not too many this week)



            -Meeting Tuesday 27 Reid 9pm




Meeting Notes: September 16, 2011. Noon.


Whitman College Campus Climate Challenge

Meeting Notes: September 16, 2011. Noon.


What kind of mythical creature would you be?

1) News:

Jenny/ Helen

Rolling Stone ten things Obama must do to save the Env.  Stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline. Time Decristopher Pardoned.

Henry Waxman (congressman) “House most anti- env. House in history”

Lets take a look at the other opinions: Why the pipeline should be there. One issue and making it bigger than it should be, now it feels like propaganda. We should focus on decreasing energy consumption rather than focusing on stopping production.


2) Updates:


We’re working on setting on proposal for funds.

50 students expected

We’re starting to recruit people

            -Mock letters for professors to let them know

GoogleDoc: Yes/ No… Drive/ Can’t drive… Food Pay/ Can’t Pay

            -On listserve


3) Break Out Groups:



                        -club to distribute CFLs

                        -Show movies (Gasland)

            -Mug Share

                        -system so people more easily use mugs at dining halls, reid cafe, library

            -Green the Greeks

                        -new program

                        -Green Leaders to greek system

                        -All Greek happy about idea

                        -Nominating people in chapter in charge           


                        -System used for part of Jewett waste

                        -Prototype system to see if this will work on a larger scale

            -Dirty Energy

                        -Event to let people know what’s going on

                        -September 24th, advertisement, flash mob

            -Bike Share


                        -Set up by end of semester

                        -Library on board


4) Reports from breakout groups:


            -getting contact information to see what communites they can go to

            – waiting to hear from producers for screening of Gaslang

            -first CFL distribution September 29th


            -Spanish department working with them (Latino Communities)

Mug Share

            -No meeting

Greening The Greeks

            -Danielle described Sustainability Coordinator


            -How to get the word out


            -Mix the bedding

            -Permit for ribbon cutting ceremony

Dirty Energy

            -decided against flash mob

-September 24th

            -make use of IHC block party

            -open mic

            -Chocolate Tar Sand Cookies, Coal Cookies

            -Coal and tar sands, Bellingham coal exports

Bike Share

            -Calling Occidental

            -Library Logistics


5) Day of Action

            -Stream restoration

            -go to the farmers market


6) Ect…

-Bob Biles Farm

Whitman CCC Meeting Notes – 4/8/11

CCC Meeting

– Icebreaker: Favorite Energy?
1. Industrial Composting – Bob Biles helped, Hannah and Zoey’s fathers are contractors and may help out
– tuesday meeting with Bob and Roger
– submitted green fund proposal
2. Beehive
– sponsored by WEB, focused on advertising
3. PowerShift
– 3 big things: 1) great bike rally 2) bomb concert raised 100 dollars, no one has to pay any of their own money 3) last weekend was training weekend, one facilitator for 5-6 people
– going to meet soon to do last minute things

4. Cool the Schools – had trainings this week, difficulties getting a hold of teachers, but things will go

5. SPROG – intense experiences, training for leaders, good place to network. June 18th-24th
– changed Claire’s life her sophomore year of high school
– process of directing has been great experience
– registration will begin soon

6. NEWS – Jenni sent out news about Japan
– Also, Budget agreement affects EPA – w/out money, can’t regulate GHG,
– Boehner – could either be tea party darling, or compromise
– political catastrophe

– problem was tsunami, not earthquake

Glenn Beck’s show was canceled

– Thundering Hooves closed


Green Leaders
– Low Carbon challenge

– Roles:
– Lisa Beneman – Facilitator
– Danielle Broida – Timekeeper
– Hannah F. – Notetaker
– Danielle and Alicia – News

Celebrating CCC’s Accomplishments

To close Fall of 2010, we chose to list all of our group’s accomplishments (CCC’s ‘Complishments) from the semester, and we impressed ourselves with the sheer number and vast array of projects we have successfully completed.

Our list includes:

  • Launching the Take Back the Tap Campaign and ended the sale of bottled water on Whitman’s campus, and collected well over 200 signatures from the Whitman community in support of the action
  • Passed the Beyond Coal resolution with ASWC
  • Met with WaHi Environmental Club (Green Devils) to offer support in their beginnings
  • Hosted a great Anderson and Prentiss Blackout, complete with A Capella performances
  • Hosted a screening of Dirty Business- a movie combating the misconception that is “clean coal”
  • Received funding from the SRLF (Sustainability Revolving Loan Fund) for the installation of water-efficient toilet flushers
  • Successfully launched the Green Leaders Program! Their overzealous energies caused for an overflow of the in-dorm composting system
  • Created fun playlists of music to raise awareness of the high water-use of shower-time
  • Held a successful Green Orientation which was required for all incoming freshmen
  • Established framework for the Beehive Collective to come to Whitman in the Spring
  • Held a successful Climate Policy Presentation open to the entire community
  • Received funding from the SRLF for the installation of shower timers in dorm showers
  • Successfully launched an industrial composting working group and have been working with Bob Biles, Dan Park, and Peter Harvey to find a system which will best accommodate Whitman’s 4000 pounds of food waste produced each week
  • Recruited great freshmen to get lots done, and have fun doing so!
  • Adventured to College Cabin for team-building and bonding activities

And, finally, Campus Climate Challenge is officially a Whitman College Service Learning Organization! This opens up vast opportunities for the following semester, and we have grand ideas, such as venturing to SPROG, and we’re looking forward to sending a large group to the 2011 National PowerShift Conference in Washington, D.C.

Pictured from left to right: Hannah Fadenrecht ’14, Ysa Diaz ’14, Hannah Siano ’13, Helen Angell ’14, Ari Frink ’11, Claire Meints ’14, Sara Kleinkopf '14; present but not pictured, photographer Katie Radosevic ’12

Thanks, everyone, for such a superb semester!

CCCCC (Campus Climate Challenge goes to College Cabin)

On December 3rd for a pre-finals getaway, CCC traveled to the Whitman owned College Cabin in the Blue Mountains. Despite the snow, travels went smoothly, and a warm fire kept us company. We all shared a great evening of group bonding and team-building exercises, with lots of laughs about Harry Potter, aliens, and alliterations to the extreme, we delved into some issues of environmental degradation closest to our hearts. Our optimism is high after spending time with such a powerful, dynamic, and passionate group of friends.

Pictured from left to right: Hannah Siano ’13, Ari Frink ’11, Helen Angell ’14, Sara Kleinkopf ’14, Hannah Fadenrecht ’14, Jenni Doering ’14, Ysa Diaz ’14, Katie Radosevic ’12, Maggie Allen ’12; not pictured, our lovely photographer Claire Meints ’14

Plastic State of Mind

Yet another excellent example of how art (in this case, in music form) is being used to help push for sustainability. Hopefully when the Beehive Collective comes to Whitman in the Spring, they will be as contagious!

Whitman’s Green Grade Has Increased

Friday, Oct 29, 2010

Taken from

The Sustainable Endowments Institute (SEI) has given Whitman College a B grade on its 2011 College Sustainability Report Card. Whitman’s green grade has moved from a C- to a B- to a B over the past three years as a result of ongoing improvements in responsible environmental practices and systems.

green logo

The annual report card, available, provides in-depth sustainability profiles for more than 300 colleges in all 50 U.S. states and eight Canadian provinces. Whitman was recognized for accomplishments across a number of categories, including a 22 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2008 levels, and the installation of energy-saving technologies such as heat recovery systems, lighting sensors and high-efficiency lighting.

“Our improving grade is further evidence of Whitman’s dedication to improving and increasing our sustainable practices,” said Sean Gehrke, associate director, residence life and housing and chair of the Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC). “The initiative of students, staff, and faculty is commendable, and we should all be proud of our improving grade on the Report Card.”

Gehrke said that while the college and the SAC continue to pursue more environmentally responsible projects and initiatives, the Green Report Card is a reminder of “all we have done and affirms that we are moving in the right direction.”

SEI annually conducts four surveys designed to gather information about sustainability in campus operations, dining services, endowment investment practices and student activities. Data from these surveys is confirmed and assessed by a team of researchers who give an overall grade to each school.