Breakout Group Meeting Times:

  • Bike Share: Tuesday at 7pm in Reid basement
  • Mug Share: Thursday at 8pm in Reid basement
  • Cool The Schools: Wednesday at 4pm in the Library
  • Composting: Thursday at 8pm in Reid 110
  • Clean Energy: Sunday at 4pm in Reid 207

Weekend Conference Dates Spring 2012:

  • PIELC (March 1-4)
  • Winter Fermentation (Feb 18-19)
  • Food Justice Conference at U of O
  • Rocky Mountain Power Shift (Feb 18-19)
If you know of any more events this semester let Sara ( know and they will be posted to this page!

Did you just coordinate an event or campaign?  FILL THIS OUT while the the sweet tast of success is fresh on your tongue!


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  1. whitmanccc says:


    That legislation (Chairmen Waxman & Markey’s energy bill) is now moving forward, but it’s missing two key pieces that would help ensure solar plays a strong role in the mix. Do you have a moment to call your Representative to ask for a fix before the plan goes to its first House vote next week?

    With its tremendous economic and environmental benefits, solar needs to be part our nation’s new energy plan. Yet, recent analysis of the bill by the Department of Energy shows that it would do little to deploy solar.
    Call the capital switchboard at (202) 224-3121, and ask to be transferred to your House Representative. Here’s the message:

    “I am concerned that the current House energy bill does not include policies to support solar energy. I urge you to move us towards a diversified clean energy future by adding two important solar provisions:
    Please add a 20% distributed generation carve-out to the Renewable Electricity Standard; and,
    Please amend the climate change title to require that 10% of the pollution allowances be allocated to renewable energy projects.”

    It sounds wonky, but these two little changes will mean a world of difference in moving solar into the mainstream across the country. With this first vote looming in the Energy and Commerce Committee, time is of the essence. Our solar compatriots in Washington, who have been tirelessly knocking on doors urging legislators to add specific solar provisions to this huge bill, certainly appreciate your help. They’ve done good work, but as a constituent your voice can hit the message home.

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