Whitman is one of hundreds of colleges and universities across the nation with Campus Climate Chapters. Our group has over thirty active members,who meet on a weekly basis. We focus our energies as students, community members, and citizens to address climate change both where we live and on a broader scale.

Our national government is lagging far behind in addressing climate change. Regions, states and cities around the country are starting to step up to the challenge of fighting global warming, but they are lacking the sense of urgency. That is where we as students come into the picture. We can demand that our leaders, political, educational, business, etc., make bold steps to lessen our contribution to climate change.

This is the link to our old page: http://www.whitman.edu/climatechallenge/

Democratically drafted and voted on, NEW as of SPRING 2009:

“Given that global climate change is not merely an environmental issue but a human one, for people living everywhere and of every age, we, the student-activists of Campus Climate Challenge at Whitman College, resolve to

(1) Collaborate with the college’s administration in large-scale projects to move Whitman towards a policy of carbon neutrality.

(2) Engage in smaller-scale infrastructural projects to improve energy efficiency and conservation around campus.

(3) Educate and reach out to students, faculty, staff and members of the wider Walla Walla community in order to reduce carbon consumption and increase awareness of not only the existence of global climate change but how our individual patterns of behavior contribute to it. “


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  1. Katie King says:

    I have been amazed by the enthusiasm behind this group; Whitman students are very concerned about climate change and are ready to take action against it.
    Throughout the last year and a half, I have worked with this group on a long list of accomplishments, making lasting impacts on our campus, in our community, and even on a national level through our participation in country-wide events. I am honored to help facilitate such an excited, hard-working group of world-changers!

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